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Cabin On Pinto Creek

Elisha Evans is out of luck. By the age of twenty-five, he’d planned to have his own ranch. Instead, he’s forced to beg for a job, destroying his dreams of having a family he can provide for and protect. Betrayal and loss bring him to a cabin on Pinto Creek in the high Colorado Rockies. Just before winter hits, he finds a broken-down wagon in the snow with precious cargo inside. Perhaps, his luck is about to change.

Susana Jamison doesn’t feel so lucky. Despite being rescued by Elisha, she is challenged to the limit of her strength, both physically and spiritually, when faced with the brutal conditions of frontier living and the dangers she encounters. Can she hold on to her faith in the midst of this desperate situation, especially when she’s forced to marry a man she’s doesn’t love?



Joe Storm

If a cowhand can’t ride, what can he do?
Joe Storm can no longer ride a horse—and that hurts a lot more than his injured hip. Swallowing his pride, he takes a job as cook’s helper on a trail drive. There he meets the daughter of the owner of the trail herd. In spite of the opposition of her father, Sara befriends Joe. When the herd is sold to a rancher in Colorado Joe wonders if there will be a place on the ranch for a man who can’t ride. And he watches as Sara and her father head for California and out of his life. Facing life without the woman he has come to love, Joe must also confront his past when his father, whom he hasn’t seen in twelve years, arrives at the ranch. As Joe struggles to build a place for himself on the ranch, he longs to go to Sara in search of a happy forever. Only with the help of God and friends will Joe be able to achieve his dream.


Swift Justice in the American West.
At age 16, a guilty verdict hurls Jeremiah Rebourn across a hot Arizona desert in a prison wagon on his way to Yuma Territorial Prison. The year is 1876.
Left for dead after an Apache attack on the wagon, Jeremiah alone survives. He wakes to find himself blindfolded, shackled, and enslaved to a cruel, mute taskmaster.
His only companion becomes the ever-present noose around his neck that forces him to do its bidding. He labors hard in a gold mine for days, months, years. He awakes one day to discover his irons and blindfold gone…and an unexpected message. Now equipped with uncommon strength and a deep distrust of his fellow man, he sets out to begin a life.

Balm from a Gentle and Quiet Spirit.

Emily Johnson, at finishing school in Boston, is summoned west to Colorado by her ailing grandmother. She arrives in Cedar Ridge and soon attracts the attention of Jeremiah.
This strong, silent rancher draws Emily’s interest as no other man has ever done. Will her love break the chains that enslave his heart? Will Jeremiah grasp that God is using the evil done to him and his present trials for a grander purpose?


The year is 1890, and Thomas Black battles to survive another day. Convicted of cattle rustling at age 17, he has three years left on a 15-year sentence in the infamous Yuma Territorial Prison. Feeling abandoned even by his God, he must fight on occasion to stay alive. But, most of the time, he fights to forget his mother’s tears and that he has nothing to show for his life except for a prison record, wasted years, and deep regrets.
Catherine O’Malley finds herself facing loneliness of another kind. She runs a little cafe on a dusty main street eight hundred miles away in Colorado. It is a hard time and place for a pretty, unmarried woman in her twenties to run a business. She longs for a family and a loving husband to protect her. Lives that couldn’t be farther apart in social status, miles, and years are set on a collision course in book four of the Cedar Ridge Chronicles. With a prosperous suitor at her door,
Catherine must make a decision that will alter the course of her life as well as the lives of others. Thomas must find a way to thwart a plot that threatens Catherine and send him back to prison.


Moutain Journey Home



Rock Corner, Texas. 1877.

Sudden tragedy, unimaginable heartbreak, crushing responsibilities, and a son he can’t bear to look at… Dave Kimbrough is a broken man.

A broken man on the run.

Falsely accused of murder, Dave is running from those who would rather see him behind bars than hear his side of the story. But what happens when his run from the law returns him home?

Home to the scene of tragedy, home to the son he hardly knows, and home to the family of the woman he so desperately loved and lost…home to the heartbreak he ran from years ago.

Dave’s two worlds are about to collide.

What will catch Dave first? The law or his past?




Caught Between Two Worlds


Single parent Flint Tucker had no intention of leaving his three-year-old daughter on the ranch in Colorado with his parents. Not even for the dark haired beauty found on a mountain trail. So how did he end up in New York working for Stephanie Wellbourne?

Stephanie Wellbourne needs help trying to save her position as CEO of her late father’s corporation. She’s sure Flint Tucker is just the man for the job if she can get him to stay in New York. Why is he not enticed by her wealth and position?



Lance McTavish


Lance McTavish is at the height of success when he is blindsided by a loss he didn’t see coming. Having just sold his computer development firm in California for more money than he had ever imagined having, he is ready to devote more time to his wife and children. Unfortunately, she has decided to move on to other interests, ones that do not include her husband and children.
Left with an eight-year-old son, Mark, and a three-month old daughter, Sara Hope, Lance realizes what he thought was his life was only in his imagination. Reeling from the shock of his wife leaving with another man and abandoning her children, Lance turns to his family at the Texas Hill Country ranch where he grew up. He packs up his children and heads back home to Texas and his roots. As he begins to settle in at his parents’ ranch, he tries to find a way to deal with his pain and sadness. As he tries to rebuild his life, he meets a woman who begins to draw him out of his despair.
Juliana Spencer has a contented life as a county nurse and living on the McTavish ranch. Her world revolves around her adoptive family and the church they attend together. She is unprepared for the upheaval at the return of the eldest son and his two children. Not wanting to get involved with a man about to be divorced, she still finds herself strangely drawn to Lance.
Just when Lance is getting a handle on his new life, his wife returns wanting the one thing he will never give up, his children.



More About AJ Hawke

A J Hawke Author

If you enjoy the feel of the wind on your face, and the open sky before you, join me here to find the romance and flavor of the West. I, too, enjoy those things, but, most of all, I love that our loving and living God, created it all for our pleasure. I love how He works out His plans in the realm of human events. I have been blessed with a gift: a compulsion to write historical and present-day novels set in the American West that demonstrates His power to transform ordinary people into true heroes and heroines. I am just a scribe really, who finds the joy of participating in the creation of inspirational fiction indescribable.May our Lord Jesus Christ receive all of the credit and be glorified.The study of history is an ongoing fascination for me. In college, I studied American History taught by Dr. Raymond Muncy. He saw the study of Western Expansion in American History as the examination of people and their times. How did their decisions affect their own lives and the lives of those around them? As I look at the way people lived and worked, it reveals the thinking that shaped their lives. work, housing, food, family, and religion are fundamentals for people at any time.

Visit my blog where I will share the day-to-day lives of people of the West in the 1800s. Although I also tell stories of the contemporary lives of the people of the West, most of my novels are placed in the 1800s. I love that time of our history, especially the romanticized view of it. It was a land of larger than life men and the women who stood by them, who braved harsh elements and hard work. I write so you, too, may be a part of that time and place, of the great American West.

Born in Spur, Texas into a multi-generational Texas family, I have lived and traveled throughout the American West as well as other parts of the world and now make my home in the Dallas area. Some of what I enjoy doing is reading, writing, and visiting with friends, and family. More than anything else in my life, I take great joy and comfort in my Christian life.